Your stay in Point Roberts can be more than a totally relaxing respite at the cottage. You can also partake in the great outdoor experience that we call '4 points'.
four parks map point roberts wa.

All points are no more that 10 minutes drive from each other. Rain or Shine you can have a refreshing nature experience and then retreat to your own private cottage to rest, relax and recharge.

All four corners of Point Roberts are state parks. Each one is totally different.

Lily Point Park - South east corner.
lily point aerial photo looking west.
At Lily Point Park you can walk the trails in the 250 acre wood.
The trails that run throughout the upper forest and down to the ocean have developed organically as the area was explored by park enthusiasts.
By following the trails to the beach on the east side of Lily Point Park you can meander to the west towards the marina or to the north to Mable Beach
This picture shows the tidal flats on the north east end of Lily Point Park. When the tide is out it is a half hour walk to Maple Beach from the base of the beach trail in Lily Point Park.

Lighthouse Park - South West corner.
lily point aerial photo looking west.
The beach at lighthouse park faces west.  The water here is influenced by the current in the Georgia strait.  In the height of summer the swimmers come here for a refreshing drip when the other beaches are too warm. On July 4 there is a huge BBQ with games and a parade.
The pier at lighthouse park has a boat launch. There is a little dock that you can fish or jump off of.

Monument Park - North West corner.

Monument Park is located at the Northwest corner of Point Roberts. The park is named after the granite obelisk, Border Marker Number One, that stands at the entrance to the park. This monument to the 49 parallel was fabricated in Scotland and New Westminster in 1861 and sits at the most western point in the northern Canadian - US border. The 8.23 acre park, with the north 60 feet of frontage on Marine Drive owned by the International Border Commission, is composed of the lawn around the obelisk, forested uplands and steep slopes to the beach.
In 2008 a hiking trail of 951 feet in length, with five switchbacks was built. It descends 135 feet to the beach, a seven per cent grade—just slightly steeper than some grades on our Interstate Highways. Trails in the past were passable only by the very adventurous hikers or four legged creatures.
On each of the six trail sections, leading past a switchback, there are magnificent views filtered by the stately trees that rise from the steep slopes. The Trail leads to a very private beach.
There is a great, secluded beach at the bottom of the trail. It has a total western exposure to catch the afternoon sun. Perfect for a swim or picnic. There are many nooks and crannies where total privacy is assured.
lily point aerial photo looking west.

Boundary Bay / Maple Beach - North East Corner

At Boundary Bay (Maple Beach) you can walk the miles of sand bars. This aerial photo shows the beach with the tide in.
This picture shows the tidal flats at low tide. When the tide is out the sandbars can extend 1/2 mile into the bay. In the summer the tide is usually out in the morning and if the sun is shining as the tide comes in, the water is heated to a very pleasant temperature for swimming. When the tide is out you can easily walk to Lily Point and back.
The tide pools get as warm as a swimming pool.

Lily Point Park Lodges

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