The Harmony Park Cottage is the largest of the cottages at Lily Point

The Harmony Park cottage faces right on to Lily Point Park. Its many windows and skylight assure a constant interplay of light that makes it open and spacious yet it has a 'cozy' feel. It has two full bedrooms with a double and twin bed in the second bedroom.
This is the view of the main room with the semi private dining area. The second bedroom is on the upper left.
The main bedroom has a queen bed, a stained glass bay window and a separate entrance on to a private patio. Like all of the Lily Point Park Cottages it has radiant floor heating.
The bathroom / solarium is a delight. Relish the feeling of warm radiant heated tile floors on your feet. Lie back and relax in the antique clawfoot tub with unlimited hot water from the instant on demand hot water heater.
You are enveloped by glass block windows that gently connect you to the cedar forest surroundings.
The kitchen is fully stocked and has a gas range and a microwave. Everything that is needed for cooking great meals is included. Just add food and TLC.
In the Harmony Park Cottage you will enjoy an intimacy with your surrounding both inside and out.
Every square inch of the cottage from the peek-a-boo glass block windows to the custom stained glass to the warm radiant heated floors has been thought out and designed to make you feel confortable and at home. Your stay will be a tranquil mix of communing with the exquisite natural adventure of Lily Point Marine Park and the ultra comfort of your intimate cottage.
Your totally private patio has a gas firepit to make those romantic evenings special.
Come to Lily Point and enter a world of quiet relaxation.

Lily Point Park Lodges

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