The Treehouse cottage is a sparkling party of light.
The Treehouse will have you relaxing and recharging in no time
The Treehouse cottage offers the ultimate in holiday rentals

The Treehouse Cottage puts you hovering over an enchanted forest.

Despite its small size the Treehouse has an amazing feeling of spaciousness.
upstairs deck of the Gingerbread cottage
The living room of the Gingerbread cottage in Point Roberts surrounds you in visions of cedars and ferns through antique windows.
The boundaries between indoors and outdoors are blurred.  Classic multipane windows and an artistic use of glass block give a feeling of intimacy while making your living space into a symphony of light.
The Kitchen is a miracle of compactness.  The high speed propane cooktop cooks any food in minutes. The microwave and electric oven give you all the tools you need to make great meals.
The upstairs master bedroom / loft is an oasis of sensual relaxation. Be prepared to feel a sense of tranquillity and calm as the sounds and sights of nature work their magic.
Nestled in a grove of cedars there is a constant interplay of shadows and light as the day evolves. The view is totally private.  You are surrounded by majestic trees with lots of sunlight. A total of twenty-nine windows are used to give this amazing effect.
The Treehouse has a totally private outdoor shower (no indoor shower) to further connect you to nature. 

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