Point Roberts has four distinct beach areas.  This is a view over Maple beach looking northeast.
When the tide is out the sand bars become a place to play and party
The parties involve all ages.
The little ones are safe and happy in the shallow tide pools.
The older girls find the perfect mix of sun, sand and water.
And of course kids will be kids.
This is maple beach looking south.  The tide is all the way in.  As the tide comes in, the brisk water flows over the warm surface and heats the water up to be very warm.  You will never want to leave.  At low tide the sand bar streches out a mile.    
There are lots of little floating docks you swim to and jump off of. The locals are very friendly and its easy to make new friends for you and maybe your kids. Oh, and maple beach in my opinion is the best place to get a tan. 
The beach at lighthouse park faces west.  The water here is influenced by the current in the Georgia strait.  In the height of summer the swimmers come here for a refreshing drip when the other beaches are too warm. There is lots of information on orcas and there is an obsevation deck where sometimes at dusk you can see the orca pods swim by. On July 4th there is a huge BBQ with games and parade.
The Lily Point beach is perfect for exploring.  When the tides are right the swimming is perfect.  There is a swing with a great view of the cove.  There are also clay cliffs that you can climb.  At low tide you can catch crabs, oysters and clams.   There are a number of fire pits.   From Lily point you can walk to maple beach and to south beach.
The pier at lighthouse park has a boat launch. There is a little dock that you can fish or jump off of.
The water on the beaches of Point Roberts are crystal clear.

Lily Point Park Lodges

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