Lily Point is one of the most important places in the history of the Pacific Northwest. See why here. Through the efforts of some greats friends of the area it was turned into a Park in 2008. Lily Point (its native name is 'Chelhtenem') was added to the National Register of Historical Places in 1994 as a site of National Cultural, Traditional and Spiritual Significance, only the second place in Washington State receiving such a designation.
An aerial view of Lily Point, looking north. You can see the beaches and tidal pools and the upper forested trail areas.
Click here to watch our aerial trip along the entire shoreline of Lily Point

This is looking south from the bluff overlooking the ocean.
Click here for a collage of panoramas showing the Pacific ocean as viewed from lily point throughout the seasons.
The constant ebb and flow of the tides is key to the Lily Point ecosystem. here is the 'Secret Beach' at low tide.
Seen here is the 'Secret Beach' which has some excellent swimming at high tide.
Getting there is half the fun. Follow the path running east from the main Lily Point oval.
The Lily Point beach is perfect for exploring.  When the tides are right the swimming is perfect.  There is a swing with a great view of the cove.  There are also clay cliffs that you can climb. 
At low tide you can catch crabs, oysters and clams.   There are a number of fire pits.   From Lily point you can walk to maple beach and to south beach.
Kayakers love the 'point'
The shoreline holds constant fascination for children of all ages.

Discover the many wonders of Lily Point.

Lily Point Park Lodges

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